“Modern Day Parenting in Crisis”?


Interesting article… In reference to number 3, the Mum of a little girl my son is friendly with at swimming was very quick to stop another lady from asking her daughter to be quiet (and she was being very loud). Saying “You can talk to me, and I’ll talk to her cos I’m her Mum. You don’t tell her what to do.” When the girl’s Mum had moved away the lady turned to me, a little shaken, and said “I wasn’t telling her off. We all need to be quiet so the children in the pool can hear their teachers.” I sort of could see both sides, and the girl’s Mum did say to me after the lady had left that she didn’t mean to snap like that. Sometimes, we’re too quick to be defensive, most parents are just trying to do their best and as long as we see the best in other children and parents it needn’t be taken as a criticism if another parent/relative/anyone speaks to our child before we notice what needs saying. When we’re insecure it can make us react out of fear/adrenaline and can make us very rude to others. BUT, unless I’m in a classroom situation, I do tend to leave it up to the parent…possible because I know how defensive people can be.


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