OCA Drawing 1 – Project 2 ‘Basic Shapes and Fundamental Form’, Exercise 1 – Groups of Objects

Using one colour I had to loosely describe a group of objects, baring in mind the previous exercises I’ve complete on the course.

I used willow charcoal and after the initial attempt to describe the outlines of the objects in the composition (and create an approximate cope of the objects themselves), I tried to give an idea of size and weight difference. As well as this, I wanted to focus on the spaces between and around objects before putting n more detail. Finally, attempts were made to show differences in texture and shine and add more weight to more solid or heavy objects (for example the milk carton on the right), and also show the unseen dimensions within the objects. This was done by pressing more firmly on the heavier items, smudging and smoothing the fabric in the foreground and using the side of the willow to give a hint about the internal dimensions.

Looking at the photo of the finished image, it’s easy to see areas where the perspective isn’t perfect, but I’m quite happy with the overall effect. Especially the depiction of the glass jar (back, centre-left) and the fabric. I’m not sure how well I’ve managed to complete the task of evoking a relationship between and around the objects, I think this is better in some places than others.


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