OCA Foundations Drawing – Final piece, ‘A Spoon’

Draw what you see reflected in the spoon using variations of tone. Depict depth, shine and roundness.


I tried very hard to look carefully at the shapes that were made in the spoon and to accurately depict them in the drawing. I’m quite pleased with the result, especially as  initially I wasn’t happy with my drawing. After I was happy I’d captured the outlines and mid-tones of the shapes in the reflection, I kept returning to it and adding darker tones where I felt they were needed. The thing I found hardest to show in the drawing is shine, my choice of paper may not have been the best as it is quite textured. A smooth surface would have been better in hindsight. I think I’ve captured some depth in the bowl of the spoon, and I had the idea to give a greater sense of roundness by making use of circular pencil strokes. I varied the pressure of these curved marks depending on whether I was going over a darker toned or lighter toned area. I wanted to make the spoon stand out from the background by making the wall behind it darker in tone, but again because the paper wasn’t smooth it was difficult to create enough depth in tone.


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