OCA Foundations Drawing, Part Four, Project 4.2 – Enlarging an image

Exercise: Breaking the image down

Increase the scale of one of your drawings by drawing a grid of squares over it and drawing the same number of squares onto a larger sheet of paper. Copy the image box by box onto the larger sheet.


Despite the roughness of the drawing I was quite pleased with the effect of copying the image square by square. I don’t think I strayed too far from the original drawing, although looking at it as a whole, it is quite hard to see in places what the drawing is of.

I went back over the drawings in each square after this, trying to improve the definition of the spoons. Part of the difficulty I had with this was that the felt pen I was using was running out.


I found this enlarging technique quite useful, and look forward to using it again. Next time I think I’d use charcoal to capture the image in each box before drawing out the final version.


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