About: Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook

I was bought this published sketch book for my birthday and have greatly enjoyed studying the 96 illustrations it contains. The sketches were made by Henry Moore from behind a studio window, in early 1972, where a local farmer grazed his sheep in the field there. Each page is an example of Moore’s expertise in capturing form and mood. He accomplishes this with often very rough, jerky ballpoint pen marks. It is very interesting and instructive to be able to see every mark Moore has made in detail and how he’s achieved so much with simple marks, simple media and keen observation. The jagged, scribbly lines perfectly capture the folds, fluff and curves of the sheep. Darker, layered, smoother marks make up the heads and necks of the animals. It’s a charming record of an unusual subject, especially from an artist best known for his large, abstract sculptures of the human form.


For more images from the book see below.


Henry Moore: Drawings of Sheep


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