Create Abundance 9 Week Course

This is a mindset refining, emotionally and physically strengthening course which takes place over 9 weeks. Each week we have a different theme (see below), as we take small daily gentle steps to clear what’s holding you back and find your inner strength and peace.

Numbers are kept low in order for me to cater for each person’s individual needs.

Week 1: Delving into your existing beliefs about yourself and the world at large.

Week 2: Your Dreams or ambitions. What is a good life for you?

Week 3: Letting go of what isn’t working for you.

Week 4: Loosening up, allowing abundance in.

Week 5: Review, what’s changed for you?

Week 6: Back to clearing and letting go of obstacles.

Week 7: Are there any fears emerging? Facing what’s uncomfortable.

Week 8: Learning to relax in even the most stressful situations.

Week 9: Balancing, harmonising and taking what you’ve learned forwards.

Course price – £945, which may be paid in three instalments.

First instalment of course fee

Full price must be paid by 2nd January 2021.

315.00 £


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