Accept Abundance

Back in early ‘Covidtimes’ as my younger son calls it, a great friend invited me to take part in Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance meditation course in a WhatsApp group. It was brilliant, and really got me focussing back into my Buddhist training and thinking of how important it is to share this positive way of being in the world as part of my classes. I’ve been promoting positive thinking for a long time, it’s an integral part of everything I teach and has been my way of life since I was around 20 years old. After the 21 Days course, I was inspired to change the name of my Traditional Chinese Medicine business to include the word ‘abundance’ and express the idea that everyone has the power to be happy, healthy and joyful.

I am fully aware that the word is very well used now, and there are many other businesses and Facebook groups calling themselves Create Abundance. A lot of people are maybe jumping on this bandwagon to improve their businesses and followers. So long as they are helping people to live as fully and lovingly as possible, I don’t see that as a problem. I personally don’t mention abundance when I’m teaching online, doing live videos in my groups and pages or writing posts. Instead I tend to guide people in the different ways they can find abundance – inner joy, complete happiness and good health. So, I decided to address the idea more directly. Now that I have been writing about self-acceptance and self-love, it seemed appropriate to move on to accepting abundance.

What does it mean to accept abundance? At it’s core, Buddhist teachings are about accepting you are the same as all other sentient beings, all sentient beings function through love and compassion, and nothing is permanent and so there is no need to worry about grasping at anything because attachment only leads to suffering. Accepting the world as it is, accepting that everything changes, accepting love and compassion for yourself as well as others, and accepting that you can do something to ease your suffering as well as that of other people, are all what it means to accept abundance. Allowing yourself to practice deep relaxation techniques like meditation, tuina massage and qigong gives you space to connect with your inner nature as well as the outer universe. The great thing about Buddhism is that you don’t have to think of yourself as a Buddhist to relate to the way of being in the world that these teachings inspire. One of my first conversations with my future husband, just over 15 years ago, was about why I practice Buddhism. When I explained it in terms of the way I see the world and my place in it, he said “Well, that’s just common sense.”

I’m sure that not many of the people now making ‘Create Abundance’ the premise of their coaching business are Buddhists, they just know how useful and fulfilling this way of living is for all people. I don’t call myself a coach, because my training is in TCM and Buddhist healing, which just happens to be where most of the instructions promoted by the coaching industry originates. So, my offerings to you if you would like to start to accept abundance and be happier, healthier and more relaxed right now are as follows –

  • Practice deep breathing, which resets your central nervous system and allows you to heal
  • Practice qigong, which strengthens your body, mind and spirit, imbues mindfulness into your very being, and improves your overall health and wellbeing
  • Learn to meditate and make meditation part of your everyday normal life
  • Focus your energy on positive thinking – recognise everything that’s already great instead of what you don’t like

Your life might not be easy, you might struggle with anxieties, pain or countless other difficulties, but as someone who has experienced a lot of these things (some ongoingly), I am proof that it is possible to find your inner joy and peace while also facing obstacles. In fact, everything I teach is about overcoming these obstacles. We are capable of so much more than our fears lead us to believe. You already have within you everything you need.

My four week Clear the Clutter Challenge courses are for people who want to clear the emotional and physical clutter that’s holding them back from being as happy as possible. Here’s some feedback from a few days into the February challenge –

“I’m enjoying the notion of just one small clear up when it’s right. Not that massive pressure to do the whole room/house. It’s about managing the expectations in that moment. Making it real and achievable. And this is all so relevant to my mental self too. I always give myself the pressure of the whole thing. Need to take one thing at a time.”

Sign up here if you want daily support and guidance to clear clutter, and encouragement and accountability to make real, positive changes to your life.

Find more courses and classes on facebook – (1) Create Abundance – qi gong exercises, meditation and acupressure massage | Facebook

More help with positive mindset, relaxation and wellbeing – Ruth Beech (@createabundanceruth) • Instagram photos and videos


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  1. many thanks. I’d like to add to your list – Do not allow your body to become the grave for murdered and exploited beings.I think this is a fundamental for anyone seeking spiritual awareness since non violence to other beings as you point out has to include looking at the way we eat. best wishes, sue

    On Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 15:57, Ruth Beech – Mindful Movement, Meditation and Art wrote:

    > ruthbeech posted: ” Back in early ‘Covidtimes’ as my younger son calls it, > a great friend invited me to take part in Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of > Abundance meditation course in a WhatsApp group. It was brilliant, and > really got me focussing back into my Buddhist training and ” >

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