Imagination and Wellbeing

In most ancient cultures, and indeed up until about 200 or 300 years ago in many parts of the world, the connections between art, science and maths were widely acknowledged and accepted. A few centuries ago, anyone wanting to live a well-rounded life would find it natural to express scientific or mathematical insight in what would today be seen as poetic language. Incredible artworks exist in their thousands of anatomical and botanical studies, exquisitely capturing the fine detail of how beauty and balance exists in all aspects of the natural world. All the way from the expanses of the cosmos (that we know about) down to tiny but highly energetic quarks, there is a wonderful harmony and flow, and also mystery. This mystery has been unsettling people for a long time, and well documented attempts by those in power (the wealthy) to explain the hard to explain in rigid, rational terms has diminished the extraordinary complexity of ancient holistic wisdom.

The tendency in the past few centuries to separate human understanding of the art of living, in which we enjoy a rounded existence, where ‘worldly’, ‘higher’ scientific knowledge is seen as superior to ‘inner’, ancient experiential knowledge, means we now have to relearn how to connect with and trust ourselves and the natural world we exist in. This has had a huge impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Most of us find it very hard to trust that we have the power to fundamentally heal ourselves. The ancient Chinese healing principles which were precisely studied and confirmed through everyday practice to maintain optimum emotional and physical health and prolong life in around 550BCE are as applicable today as they have always been. These holistic self-healing techniques are available to everyone because of their variety and adaptability.

The ancient teachings of Daoism (Taoism) emphasize the benefits of working with the flow of life. All life is only possible if there is energy present. Indeed life and energy are often interchangeable terms applying to the same thing. However, ideas like ‘energy flow’ and ‘vital energy’ (another term for which is ‘life force’, can put off anyone who’s bought into this hierarchical distinction between ancient wisdom and modern science. However, if you look at Einstein’s understanding of energy, it is identical to the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daoist, Indian and Tibetan understanding. All matter, including rocks and humans, contain vibrational essence, a life force, or electromagnetism. The latter of these terms is what Western scientists ‘discovered’ to exist, proving many times in many different scientific studies the efficacy of internal exercises like qi gong, meditation, Daoist healing, acupressure, yoga, etc.

So, to ensure all things are in balance and maintain optimum health and happiness, we need to live in tune with the flow of life. Arts, sciences, mathematical branches all have a place within this natural flow. They all interact, overlap and can support each other if enabled to. Keeping the mind agile and open is an important component of ensuring overall good health. Being fixed, stubborn and narrow minded closes us off from being part of all that is possible in the world. Many ancient self healing practices incorporate mental focus and the use of the imagination to strengthen the positive benefits of carrying out a therapeutic activity. In a Daoist breathing exercise, a qigong posture or a mindful meditation, for example, we might use our ‘inner vision’ to increase the efficacy of the practice. Sometimes we imagine we are a tiger or a mountain in order to take on the positive attributes of the object’s nature. We might watch a clear bright light shining throughout our body and imagine that light healing every cell.

Our imagination is a powerful tool which can greatly help or hinder us, depending on how we use it. The recent trend of ‘manifesting’ has it’s origins in ancient practices, namely Buddhism. “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”, Buddha. For centuries in the West it has been recognised that a thought is as much a reality as a material object. They are both forms of energy, existing at different frequencies and wave lengths of vibration. Use of imagination and positive thoughts enable us to improve our wellbeing and strengthen our emotional and physical health. Practices that involve both mind and body help us to remain in the present moment, improving anxiety, resetting our nervous system and taking the strain off our vital organs.

Imagine if you could reconnect with this very accessible set of knowledge and keep yourself strong and healthy every day with ease. Find me for more information on Facebook and Instagram.


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